What men really should know about relationships!

I’ve talked to a lot of men, hundreds. I’ve listened to their stories of past relationships. I’ve heard from women on the subject of their frustrations with men and relationships.

Women are increasingly getting more savvy on men and relationships. What men really should know about relationships is that it isn’t women that is the problem.

What men really should know about relationships is society has taught them to be feminine. What they connect to being a man, is actually being feminine.

Men don’t understand that when a relationship failed, it isn’t all the other person’s fault. Blame, rant ( and boy do I hear the rants) about what she did, didn’t do, did to you all you want. It isn’t her that is the problem.

Like every other human on the planet, we have our inner world dictating our outer world. If she didn’t want sex for 19 years, how can that ever be her fault. You stayed! Regardless of the reason, you made the choice.

What men really should know about relationships is that feminine women FEEL and what goes along with that, is her emotions. You cannot expect her to be and react like a man. Women are feeling beings. You listen and be with her, the same thing you want her to do for you, when you’ve had a hard day at work.

Men tend to just want it easy, and to them, once the wooing is over, it should be easy and low effort. That is one of the biggest misconceptions in today’s society. What men should know about relationships is, you keep on dating her even after you have her. She is looking at what you do for her while dating as a indication of the type man you are, you will be. If that stops, she will change too, into something less than what you thought you had in the beginning. It’s a mirror. You thought she was going to be who she is, while you are wooing her, you changed, now she is changing. You stopped putting effort into romancing her.

The biggest issue with men in relationships is the idea that who and what they are is not going to change and they have nothing to work on, the women are the problem. It just isn’t the case. You are responsible for your choices. Why did you choose her?

The thing that men should know about relationships is, they know little to nothing about relationships. If you don’t know, you can’t act in a way that is conducive to having the relationship you want, it doesn’t fall in your lap. Even if it did, you wouldn’t notice.

What men should know about relationships is women aren’t men with boobs. We are our own natural feminine beings, that have different desires, responses and needs. Don’t expect us to act like men with boobs. Learn to understand and be present with her femininity. You’ll find a whole another world of joy and fulfillment if you do! #ConsciouslyAwakeCounseling

I work with Men and Women to Awaken the Conscious part of themselves that knows how to love deeply.

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