What Men Often Miss About Women

Succulence is what women give

I say this from the perspective of the Masculine/Feminine energy that I work with. The energies as Dr. Pat Allen calls the Anima and the Animus. This can also not apply or be reversed. It really depends on who you are in regards to gender energies.

I notice this often as I hear men talk about women. The frustrations they have and how, still, as a whole, we are uneducated on what each gender energy brings to the table. We keep a running tab.

I watch a lot of Asian series and I see it more so in their romantic shows. It’s easier to see the responses that happen with men in those soapy romantic shows than it usually is in American media. However, it isn’t a cultural thing. Men just don’t show the same responses as women do, typically.

I adore that feeling I get when a man gives to a woman and makes her happy, smiling and full of wonderment. I’ve experienced this myself with men. The subtle motions they make and the grin on their face when the woman loves what he offered. Yummy stuff!

Women in feminine energy give what I like to call Succulence.

* full of juice; juicy.

*rich in desirable qualities.

*affording mental nourishment.

So when one looks at this from the perspective of succulence then what women give is amazing. Men often have been taught that what women should give is tangible, equal to tangible value. When in fact that isn’t what women give. What I’ve come to know is the intangible value is when they often feel most appreciated. What they feel, in my experience, is most fulfilling is that amazing joy, openness, and vulnerability, the wonderment and connectedness women give that makes him feel free. That is what brings men the most ( again — not all men) joy themselves. To know that they won! They did it! They made her smile and feel open to receiving and happy. He gets to see it and experience it with her.

Men have been taught so many inaccurate and dysfunctional beliefs about women that it creates more of a “boy energy” than a “ man energy”. This creates a mixed message type connection with all sorts of reactions and hurt feelings that you commonly hear from men in regards to women.

What does a woman give? She gives you her time, her open heart, her vulnerability, and her feelings. She gives succulence. The things that you as a man, may struggle with. If you can’t drop the mentality that she should give equal to you, you might find that you get a bit of a good feeling about it, but you most likely won’t get that amazing high you get when you give to her and expect nothing in return and watch what she does! If she doesn’t show this succulent type gratitude and graciousness you might want to re-think the connection. Maybe she isn’t used to men doing this, that’s possible. Watch and wait.

Experiment with it. See what happens when you listen to her, watch what she really values and loves and then give that to her ( I’m not saying it has to be monetary) and see how she responds.

What I know happens to me when this happens is over the top joy, a huge amount of gratitude, loving, affectionate energy, and I’m exhilarated. It’s almost orgasmic. I notice the man I’m with really loves that feeling of watching me be totally in the moment feeling so overwhelmed with joy. He gets to be overjoyed with me. That energy ( if romantic in nature) then is a big turn on. It’s like a spark of passion.

Today there is a lot of information in the media about equality. I’m suggesting that equality doesn’t mean this for that. It can mean that when you give and she receives you get far more back than what you gave. It just isn’t tangible. When you recognize that that is what drives you to be so excited about her and wanting to be with her you really get that equality might mean something totally different than what society wants you to believe it is.

When this shift happens women start softening up, opening up and being more succulent. Really sit with what you really want, what makes you feel more masculine and fulfilled versus what is just flattering at the moment. Watch how you respond physically. See if your stress goes down and you feel more joy, more in the moment. Notice the difference in that and what it feels like when she splits the bills and you feel entitled to “equal”.

It’s a chance to get to know yourself as a man without societies stories. I know from my experience when a man pays attention to what I say and feel joyful over and gives me that, it is indescribable really. I’m ready to open up to him and be vulnerable. It’s a turn on. I feel valued and cherished. Something women can’t resist. Try it out watch what happens. #ConsciouslyAwakeCoun

Photo by Ricardo Mancía on Unsplash

I work with Men and Women to Awaken the Conscious part of themselves that knows how to love deeply.

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