Superwoman movie, women’s only society

I watched the Superwoman movie when it first came out. The part about women not needing men even for pleasure, hit me. I do love men, don’t get me wrong. I love the masculine.

The truth is, that is correct in today’s society. Women are learning that with the evolution of women, and men not budging, they are finding ways of having a fulfilling life without men.

Women have jobs, careers, children without men. Even if they are totally heterosexual, they notice that the men are not evolving and therefore they are giving up on having a healthy relationship with a man.

87% of men do not seek help in love and romance. They talk to their friends, family, or the woman they just went out with. They don’t seek out “real knowledge” on the subject of relationships. So many women do! It is a multi-million dollar industry. Workshops, books, private sessions, webinars are the norm for women these days. Women will go in debt to grow to have a healthier more satisfying relationship.

Men just want comfort. If it is in a tolerable level and comfortable, he will stay in that situation.

Therefore, women have no other choice then to seek ways of having fulfillment in their lives.

Both Masculine and Feminine showing up fully!

According to Dr. Pat Allen, men need relationships more than women. So why then are men not the ones seeking advice or knowledge? Men are comfort seeking, energy saving beings.

Men are turning to porn and needy women, vices like videos or substances to get them to the level of “not needing a woman’ and having some needs met, to make do.

Women are craving the masculine energy to lead and take charge of their own energy. It isn’t happening! It’s mostly feminine men with feminine women, or feminine women with Peter Pan ( I don’t want to grow up) or Masculine women with feminine men ( which actually is the only of the three that will work.

So the Superwoman movie has merit in today’s society. Women are moving towards a “no man” society. It’s sad, because it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Narcissism on the rise for both gender energies, and toys to make women not need men even for sex, it’s happening! Women are giving up on men.

I’m curious to find out what it is going to take to wake men up! What will society look like when men are no longer needed or even desired?

What a sad, sad place we are now. The masculine is amazing! Yet, it is becoming a dying energy. The feminine is taking over ( nothing wrong with that) and masculine is fading.

I’d love to see a society where both energies are present, presenting themselves fully in the polarity they were created to express! Who knows the pendulum may need to swing way out, before coming back into balance? Superwoman society, women’s only society, may be here soon. #ConsciouslyAwakeCounseling

I work with Men and Women to Awaken the Conscious part of themselves that knows how to love deeply.

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