I've experienced the same. I'm too nice, or I smiled at him. I smile at everyone. I wasn't in the know that I had to stop being myself to repel men that were with other women - men that are looking to flirt with anyone. You cannot seduce a man that doesn't want to be seduced. True and men can seduce themselves by exaggerating my personality that is joyful and fun to mean something it isn't. It's that way with everyone. I've been called a bitch b/c I was sitting with my friend listening to music and a man came over to chat- I couldn't get him to leave. I was the one taking her man. Crazy.... and yea calm the F' down. Be secure with yourself and if your man does that maybe you need to sit and think about it not project it on someone else.

I work with Men and Women to Awaken the Conscious part of themselves that knows how to love deeply.

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