If We Live By People’s Compliments We Will Die By Their Criticism.

Living with the fear of judgment

Fear of Judgment
Fear of Judgment

“Speak YOUR truth, not the person whose payroll you’re on” Aimee Bateman says. YOUR TRUTH! When we are saying something we are truly passionate about and we are doing it in a way that we want to do it. “THE NEED TO BE HEARD IS SO MUCH GREATER THAN THE FEAR OF BEING JUDGED!” Absolutely F’ing True! I loved her video!

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I have a novel’s worth of examples of being judged by people who don’t like what I’m saying, don’t like me for some odd reason, because I’m honest, outspoken, because of who I am and how different I am or …….and my favorite way to be judged is by what someone else said to them!

Mostly though I don’t care what people think! I grew out of the need to fit in, the need to follow along (if I don’t believe in what I’m following), the need to shrink down because someone has judged me. Even if that is a person who wrote a book, is a famous guru, has a group, took a class, won an award, coached someone or my other favorite “ they are licensed” and I’m not.

I learned that compliments are that person’s opinion just like their harsh judgments. I don’t take either seriously! It’s just an opinion.

When I’m in someone’s business about what they are judging me about I’m not in my own opinion of me. As she mentioned the most important opinion or judgment is about what I feel about myself.

Either way, we judge. Good or bad it’s a judgment.

The most freeing part of my life is when I’m being as a child and not care if anyone likes it or not. I agree with Aimee’s opinion — expressing what I am passionate about is far greater than the fear of being judged.

Though the biggest part of not caring what others think is the part of being outed, shunned, ignored and silently criticized behind your back and having to deal with that.

Society doesn’t support saying what you feel, think or experience. Most of us are taught to be careful about what others think about what we say.

Immature yes, and it’s rampant in today’s society! Can’t really avoid it. No meters on that one. Even in the “EVOLVED” communities! Most especially in the evolved communities. Where they use non-judgment as a weapon of judgment!

It all comes down to what kind of person do I choose to have in my life. Who do I choose to be?

I choose the kind of person that has enough guts to talk to me and find out who I am and what I stand for without judgment and without the seed of another’s projected ideas of me. I choose to be with me - what I feel, think and experience!

Here is the thing I don’t live for the compliments so I don’t die with the criticism! Only then am I free! ❤

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

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