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I work with Men and Women to Awaken the Conscious part of themselves that knows how to love deeply.

I can't say enough good things about this article. I know I have had to work harder. There is so much that goes into privilege and success and it is overlooked. I agree. Often people struggle with several different factors that can make it near impossible. Our brains are wired in our childhood and if you grew up affluent and privileged you will have that conditioning. If you had the opposite, it will be your conditioning you are up against also. Thanks so much for this article. It was nice to feel someone else understands this.

In my personal romantic relationships, I’ve never told a man he should “get in touch with his feelings.”

That isn’t my choice — it’s his. He either wants to do it or he doesn’t.

But men have naturally come to me to talk about what they are feeling. It’s not something I’ve sought out. It just happens. In the past three decades as a coach and counselor, I’ve spoken to hundreds of men, and one common response is “I feel at ease talking to you.”

They intuitively know I have no agenda, and I’ve learned a great deal from these men sharing with me.

Many of them have shared they feel deeply, but that the women in their…

Have you ever wondered why a woman you are dating seems to start to either get clingy suddenly or pull away and lose interest? As a dating and relationship coach, I’ve seen this play out many times. I’ve experienced it when dating myself. “What happened? Things were going fine.” It baffles men.

It’s a similar story I’ve heard many times in my years of talking to men. Jason meets Julie. The connection is great. Jason is into Julie and over the span of a couple of months, they are seeing each other three times a week, consistently. Then, all of…

If he says he’s going to do it, he’ll do it, eventually!

Men don’t need reminders, that’s nagging. Some men think women shouldn’t remind them of the honey-do list they agreed to. If a man tells you he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it. I recently wrote a short article on this subject and I was amazed at the response from men. Women I have spoken to over the years say that men will say they will do something for them and then drag it out and not do it. Handyman businesses make a good living off…

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